Cougar Confirmations Web Map


An important part of the Cougar Network website (see related post) was the organization's database of confirmed cougar sightings. The database goes as far back as 1990 and includes detailed information on gender, location, articles, etc. Given the spatial nature of the data, I developed a web map (using Leaflet) which displays the cougar confirmations with the ability to filter by year.

A challenge of this map was to determine the best way to aggregate and display hundreds of x,y locations on the map in a user-friendly way (the data is not represented in coordinates, but rather county/province centroids). So, I employed a Leaflet clustering plugin to browse the data appropriately at given map scales and symbolize it by the frequency of confirmations.

Leaflet clustering at different zoom levels.

Leaflet clustering at different zoom levels.


Leaflet, Leaflet.markercluster